English II

COTE : 025625 ENL

English 2 is an English course at the Advanced level designed to follow the English 1.

It equates with the Canadian Language Benchmarks for levels 6,7 &8*. Students will be encouraged to develop their confidence in using the English language through written and oral exercises using situations experienced on a daily basis.

*The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks is the centre of expertise in support of the national standards in English and French for describing, measuring and recognizing second language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.(Source: http://www.language.ca)

Printemps 2020

Section Dates Horaire Coût Mode de livraison  
615 2020-05-04 au 2020-08-14 317,10 $ En Ligne Ouvert
950 2020-05-19 au 2020-08-16 317,10 $ En Ligne Ouvert

Automne 2020

Section Dates Horaire Coût Mode de livraison  
615 2020-09-08 au 2020-12-20 317,52 $ En Ligne Ajouter au panier
616 2020-10-19 au 2021-02-05 317,52 $ En Ligne Ajouter au panier

Hiver 2021

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