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What is an FSL unité d'apprentissage?

  • Short and engaging micro-modules that focus on practicing and perfecting particular concepts. In each module, learners will complete repetitive grammar exercises using target vocabulary in authentic situations, enhancing the power of retention and recall.
  • Micro-modules focus on perfecting specific skills. This gives you the flexibility of choosing which content area you want to target for improvement.

How long is each module?

15 hour learning modules delivered over a five-week period Starting October 3.

What is the cost?

  • Each 15 hour module costs $135.45

Are all modules offered every session?

  • The Beginner and Intermediate series will be offered between October and December on Tuesday and/or Wednesday evenings from 6 pm – 9 pm at the La Cité campus on Aviation Parkway.
  • Modules will be offered in each session depending on registration requests. These will be determined prior to each session.

Do I have to complete the modules in order?

While the beginner modules are progressive, grammar skills are repeated and reinforced throughout this series, allowing for some flexibility. Modules in the Intermediate series focus on perfecting particular grammar skills, more specifically correct use of verb tenses. If you have trouble distinguishing when to use passé composes vs imparfait, you may choose to enroll in that module. Likewise, if you want to focus on correct form and use of conditional tenses, you can enroll in that module.

Beginner series 1 – 4

These five modules will deepen your understanding and knowledge of basic phrases, and tenses used to communicate at a beginners level in a second language. By enrolling in beginner level modules, you will gain the capacity to start and end conversations in both formal and informal scenarios, ask for clarification, give orders, provide or ask for directions, and communicate an understanding or misunderstanding in a variety of settings. You will enrich your vocabulary through themed units.

  • 23028 Unité 1 Moi, ma famille et mon entourage
  • 23029 Unité 2 Mes goûts et mes routines
  • 23030 Unité 3 Parler de sa profession
  • 23031 Unité 4 Se déplacer

Intermediate series 5 – 8

Modules in the Intermediate series focus on perfecting particular grammar skills, more specifically perfecting an understanding of the appropriate uses of verb tenses. You will focus on the differences between a variety of tenses (present, past tense, imperfect...), and determine ways of recognizing which tense should be used, while also constructing more complex phrases. You will enrich your vocabulary through practical and authentic learning scenarios.

  • 23032 Unité 5 Mode de vie
  • 23132 Unité 6 Milieu de travai
  • 23133 Unité 7 Mon passé
  • 23134 Unité 8 Le passé composé vs l'imparfait

Advanced series 9 – 12

  • 23158 Unité 9 Le futur
  • 23159 Unité 10 Le conditionnel

How do I know what module to sign up for?

  • Module descriptions and objectives give you the flexibility to choose your course. This approach puts you in charge of your learning path.
  • You can complete an online assessment to help determine your level.

Can I repeat modules?

You can repeat any module in an effort to improve your skills. While the course objectives remain the same, no class is ever the same as different students bring different experiences and skill sets to class.

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